Wednesday, October 19, 2011

R.I.P Mickey

Now it's time to say goodbye 
to all our company.

R.I.P Mickey. At least you died with a belly full of peanut butter.
Ethan begged to be the one to throw it away

I hate rodents! You know how some people are deathly afraid of spiders or heights? Well I really hate rodents of any kind! Rats,squirrels (Why do they always wait till you are RIGHT next to them before they run away?!), mice, whatever. I don't want them anywhere near me. Especially not in my home! We moved out of the last place we lived in that had a mouse. Really.

So, the other night when I thought I saw something out of the conner of my eye, I tried to convince myself that I was imagining things. I calmly put my shoes on, walked into the kitchen to take my vitamins, and went to bed. Then the next night, Bruno (our dumb beagle) must have seen it run across the floor, and FLIPPED OUT! Since we didn't have the option to move this time, the hunt for Mickey (we should not have named him) was on.

I wont go into all the details of how we drew him into our trap (there may have been some peanut butter and dimmed lights involved) but when we got home from church tonight, Ethan was very happy to report that we caught Mickey...At first.

After letting all the kids check it out and me snap a pic - what? This was a happy moment for me! - Ethan took him to the garbage bin. That's when the tears started flowing. Really. Houston said, "I'll never see Mickey again." over and over again as he hung onto me.
Notice me trying not to be so happy
I was all, "Death to all rodents!!" and Ethan was fighting back tears while he asked why we couldn't have just let him live with us. Poor time (please God let this be the last) we won't name the stupid thing, and maybe even get one of those live traps...or a cage.


  1. LOL!!! Now I'm afraid to come over your house.

  2. What a funny/sad story. I have to say I'd side with you! Lol!

    Thanks for following my blog and for the comment! Of course I don't mind! =)

    Nice to "meet" you lol.