Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Last week I was on a mission to defunktify. No, I don't mean defunktify myself! I'm quite clean, thank you :) I mean our house. A spring cleaning of sorts. With 6 of us here, we accumulate a LOT. OF. STUFF. I once heard someone say that clutter can lead to chaos/depression. I know for me that's very true. It's kind of a catch-22 though. I don't want to deep clean - because I'm feeling a little sad or stressed - but I'm probably feeling that way because I need to. So last week I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather we were having and the fact that I could lock the gang out let the kids play outside;) , and De-funktify this place!

I started with some of the areas that collect the most clutter and just threw a ton of stuff away. It felt so good! I loved seeing the garbage bags start to pile up. I found some things we thought we had lost - like shoes, games, and library books. I also found some pretty gross stuff - like food that had been in the fridge so long it started having little food babies! There were some tears shed. And not just after I discovered the moldy food family, but when I came across some of the clothes I saved from the time my kids were infants. Also tears shed by the kids when I tossed toys they haven't played with since the day we bought them. Even Jonathan got it on the cleaning action by getting a good chunk of the garage done and shampooing all the carpets. And that my friends, is MY love language ;)
 I'm sure my neighbors may disagree, but isn't that a beautiful site!

Half  way through the week my mom and I went for our Mother's Day massages at Solutions Studio and Spa for a much needed pampering! The day we went the kids were crazy! At one point I stopped walking too fast and Logan ran right into my back end! *sigh*  I had never been there before but it came with a strong recommendation from a friend so we gave it a try. Have you ever noticed the similarities between getting ready for a date and getting ready to have a massage?
  • Nerves: Check
  • Shaved legs: Check
  • Cute under garments: Check 
  •  Falling in love by the end of the night: Possibly  
 The hour-long massage went by too fast but by the end of it my body felt like jelly. Before we left we sat in the "sanctuary" where Sarah (my new BFF masseuse)  brought me cheese, crackers, and grapes by the fire place. Amazing...

So, not only did I start the defunktification processes on my house last week, but also my mind. Last night I went for a 5 mile run (it's been a while) and I really think it had something to do with getting rid of some of my "mind clutter". I'm still plugging away at it this week (I hit a little road block though when 3 of the 4 kid's bodies decided to do their own type of cleanse). Now, instead of throwing away too small clothes, I'm throwing away clothes that have been pooped/puked on :(   I really miss my masseuse Sarah right now...

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  1. I absolutely LOVE massages!! It's one of the best ways to get Mommy Time and do something healthy and wonderful for your body!! You should make it a regular appointment, a Mama like you deserves it!!